Bittyex (

Warning ⚠ site is a scam. Stay alert, this scams using fake cryptocurrency exchanges. There is no real Bittyex company, and their website is a phishing crypto exchange that scammers use to steal your cryptocurrency. To lure victims to the phishing site, scammers use videos on YouTube in which they show how you can supposedly make money quickly on a cryptocurrency exchange (Crypto Arbitration, P2P), don’t be fooled, this is a trick. To create credibility, scammers use computer graphics, artificial intelligence and substitution of facts, creating fake news. As soon as you send your cryptocurrency to the exchange’s crypto wallet, you will lose your crypto assets forever , scammers will simply block your account and, under various pretexts, lure even more money out of you, thus emptying your pockets to the bottom. Also, scammers use on TikTok videos where they tell tales about free Bitcoin Giveaway from Elon Musk using a Promo Code. Don’t be fooled, this is also a scam with a phishing site for stealing cryptocurrencies. You register on the site that the scammers pointed you to, enter a Promo Code (received from scammers), and you actually see that you have bitcoins in your account balance, but don’t be fooled, this is a trick. In fact, you won’t be able to withdraw them (there are no bitcoins there, these are numbers drawn in software code), only the scammers on TikTok videos make everything look so simple and fast. Fraudsters in the guise of a support service will lure money from you under various pretexts (commission, verification, taxes, etc.) so that you can withdraw these bitcoins. Naturally, if you pay, you will not receive anything, the scammers will use pre-fabricated reasons to get you more money, and will do this until you realize that you are being scammed.

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